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Secure your family’s future with term life insurance at low premiums. Enjoy double benefit of tax saving and protection against critical illness and disability.

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Term life Insurance

Your term insurance plan could be your complete financial shield – here’s how?

As a responsible individual, you always try to make adequate financial arrangements for your loved ones’ protection and stability, especially in your absence. Such that they do not have to face any financial stress or challenges. It is crucial to plan and prepare in advance to face uncertain times, but how you can do it? The answer is by opting term insurance plans.

Your term insurance plan could be your complete financial shield – here's how?

Term insurance plans are a form of life insurance that provides life coverage with a fixed sum assured and tenure. Traditional term insurance plans are considered to be the best plans to choose for securing your family financially, in case of your sudden demise. However, today you can include these policies as a part of your complete financial portfolio. Want to know how? So, here is how opting for a term insurance plan can be your complete financial shield.

Essential Policy: A term insurance can be utilised as a pure protection plan. It gives coverage for a fixed tenure against the payment of regular premiums. Under the term insurance plan, your loved ones receive a substantial sum assured in case of sudden demise within the policy term.

Pocket-Friendly Cover: The primary advantage of a term insurance plan is the affordable premiums. To enjoy its benefits such as low premiums and considerable coverage, the thumb rule is to purchase a term plan as soon as you start your career.

Complete Protection: Term insurance plan is the most sought-after life insurance plan offering a comprehensive life cover where one has the alternative to enhance the scope of the coverage by including riders. Riders are such extra inclusion benefits that can be utilised for specific prerequisites. For instance, a critical illness rider added to your term insurance plan can help you shield your family from the monetary strain caused due to essential expenses of the illness. The rider will be a financial back up in such a case.

Tax Benefits: Term insurance plans additionally offer annual tax benefits. There are primarily two sorts of tax exemptions that term insurance offers – the premiums paid towards the term policy are eligible for tax deduction under section 80C of the Income Tax act and the pay-out amount that is paid to the policy beneficiary as the death benefit is allowed for tax exemption under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax act.

Extra Income: In the case of the policyholder’s sudden demise, the death benefit amount of the term insurance plan is given to the policy nominee as a lump-sum pay-out monthly or yearly payment. This permits the dependants to keep up their present way of life and oversee everyday costs and future monetary objectives. 

It is critical to note that all models do not fit all, so there is no thumb rule to purchase a term insurance plan. It primarily relies upon the individual and their family’s financial objective, income profile and ability to take a risk. The fundamental variables to consider are:

Capacity to earn: This is an essential estimation of the number of years of income that you in your current professional path.

Current Debt: The amount of current liability should be considered as it addresses the chance of turning into a financial strain on your loved family.

Future Objectives: One should compute all the essential and desired life objectives within a reasonable timeframe, for example, medical expenses of old parents, kids’ education, and post-retirement life.

Based on the factors mentioned above, you can opt for a comprehensive term insurance plan, particularly those that permit hyper-personalisation that serve developing necessities and ways of life. If you need further help or guidance in choosing the right term plan for yourself and your family, then head to today.

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