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How should you get prepared for life insurance medical exam?

Insurers usually ask policy applicants for life insurance medical exam while applying for the insurance policy. This is to verify their present health condition and medical information provided in the form. Although the idea of having a medical test does not sound very appealing. But do not let this feeling dissuade you from taking it.

How should you get prepared for life insurance medical exam

The life insurance medical exam can get you the lowest rates for a life insurance policy because the prices of the policies are primarily based on the risk factor associated with your health and life. That is why it is always advised to buy life insurance at a young age, when you are healthier, and the risk factor is considerably less. Thus, you get to pay low premiums for life insurance policies.

What kind of life insurance medical exams are conducted?

The life insurance company tries to find out your health status with the help of medical tests. This includes your present and past health issues and treatments (if any). So here are some standard criteria that your insurer might conduct.

Height and weight measurements: This helps in determining your body mass index (BMI), which is the measure of your body fat.

  • Blood pressure: Fluctuation in blood pressure can lead to various health issues such as high blood pressure can result in stroke, heart attack along with other problems. Therefore, checking blood pressure is essential.
  • Urine and blood sample: These samples are taken to detect high cholesterol, high blood pressure, glucose levels, diabetes, liver or kidney disorder, HIV antibodies, immune disorders and to find out indicators of tobacco, nicotine or use of drugs.
  • ECG or Electrocardiogram: This test identifies any abnormal heart rhythm, previous heart attacks, coronary artery disease and the efficiency of heart disease treatment like a pacemaker.

Different stages of life insurance medical exam

Once you have submitted the policy application to the insurance company, a representative who will conduct the medical test will contact you and schedule an appointment. The medical assessment is performed by a medical professional who is qualified to do such checks. It generally takes 15 to 45 minutes at a convenient location chosen by you; however, home is the most appropriate one. The medical representative will collect the sample and assess you based on a questionnaire. The entire process generally involves three phases:

  • Verbal questionnaire: The medical representative will ask you a few questions, and you are require providing correct and accurate answers.
  • Collection samples: In this phase, the medical professional will collect your samples such as blood, urine etc. This sample then will be tested for various diseases. The results of the tests will be further used to verify the answers provided by you during the questionnaire session and also on the application form.
  • Medical examination: Further medical testing might be conducted to determine your eligibility based on your age and the insurance coverage you have opted. The result of these tests will be used to evaluate your eligibility for obtaining life insurance.

Various questions asked during a life insurance medical exam

You will be asked multiple questions regarding your medical history, and you are required to answer those questions correctly. The questions asked will be related to your history of hospitalisation, medicines that you take regularly, medical procedures which you have undergone in the past and also about your existing health condition. Your lifestyle habits like use of alcohol, drugs or smoking will also be inquired about. Moreover, if you have a history of depression, anxiety, or any other mental condition, you need to provide details about those issues as well. Apart from your health status, you might also need to disclose your family’s medical history or details about the medical facility you usually visit when required.

However, before taking the medical examination, you should get yourself prepared as few simple actions can affect your medical tests. For instance, not having enough sleep, overeating red meat, or some strenuous activity in the gym can result in below expectation for your actual health.

So here is how you can get prepared for a life insurance medical exam.

A few healthy changes to your lifestyle or health can help you in getting desired results in the medical tests. Such as

  • Drink plenty of water as it helps to clear out the toxins and to dilute the concentration of sugar and protein in the body.
  • Have a healthy diet & limit the intake of salt. Fruits, vegetation, foods rich in whole grains and low-fat dairy products can help you attain good health while maintaining your blood pressure.
  • If you drink alcohol, then limit your usage as drinking more than a reasonable amount can affect your health.
  • Get a night of proper sleep as people who sleep less than six hours I at night tend to have increased blood pressure.
  • Avoid tough exercise, especially on the day of your medical test as it can raise the blood pressure.

Besides, keep your photo ID ready such as driving license, passport, Aadhar card or any other ID proof. Also, be prepared with your medical information that includes prescriptions, medications, contact of your physician (s). Try to wear short sleeve apparel so that taking the blood sample becomes easier for the examiner.

Therefore, while applying for an insurance policy, it is indeed recommended to take a medical test as it helps in building trust between the insurer and the insured. However, some insurer does not keep life insurance medical exam mandatory, but that might lead to higher premiums. Although in this COVID times, the physical medical test has been stopped in many cases, still the policy applicants are needed to provide their health report. If you need to know more information about medical tests and life insurance policy, then visit and speak to their insurance experts to get a clear picture on the same.

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