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How can a rider make your life insurance plan more efficient?

We all like something extra – extra toppings, extra cheese, extra discounts and more. These extra elements are just like what riders are for life insurance plans. In layman terms, riders are the additional benefits that come with your life insurance plan and enhance your policy coverage scope while adding more value to it.

How can a rider make your life insurance plan more efficient?

What are Life Insurance Riders? 

Riders, as clarified above, are add-on coverage to enhance the advantages of your life insurance plan. These are totally discretionary and according to your prudence. The riders available with life insurance just expand the extent of your life insurance plan. Since they can be customised, they improve the person’s financial security according to their requirements. 

There are many riders available in the market that you can choose when buying a life insurance plan. Some of the popular life insurance riders include:

Critical Illness Rider: Thelife insurance plan specifies a list of illnesses which are characterised as critical in nature, for example, cancer, kidney failure, heart stroke, and so forth. In case you are diagnosed with any of the listed ailments, you will get benefit under the critical illness rider. Post use of this life coverage rider, the rider’s premium and advantages get terminated.

Accidental Death Benefit:Under this rider, in case of insured’s demise due to an accident, the death benefit is extended. In such a situation, the entire sum assured as a part of the life insurance and the rider benefit is paid.

Premium Waiver Benefit Rider: Since the life insurance plans are for a fixed term; the premium payment are to be paid for that particular period for the policy to remain active. If you don’t pay the premium, the insurance will get lapse. Under the premium waiver benefit rider, the premium payments are totally deferred off, if an injury may leave the policyholder handicapped for a supported period or in the unfortunate situation of the policyholder’s demise. Although all premium payments are cancelled in such case; however, the benefits under the life insurance plan continue to exist for the sum assured. Under certain life insurance providers, this life coverage rider even stretches out its advantages to permanent or partial disabilities.

How to purchase Riders with your Life Insurance plan? 

Riders are not sold along with the basic insurance policy; however, they should be purchased independently according to your necessities. Nonetheless, they should be bought all the while alongside your life insurance policy. You can get your life coverage plan as you usually do and simply pay extra to incorporate the particular riders as you wish to your current insurance policy. These riders include critical illness cover, disability cover, accelerated death benefit, accidental death claim amongst a few others.

It is important that you comprehend that life insurance riders can’t be bought post purchasing the policy. This way, it is significant that you invest enough energy and time to assess the type of life insurance rider you may require preceding purchasing your life insurance plan. Some insurance providers even have built-in riders as a part of the basic life insurance plan. At the same time, a couple significantly offers flexibility in their policy which can be customised according to your necessities.

Riders fill in as the ideal answer to make your life insurance plan more robust and efficient. Rather than getting multiple life insurance plans, you can simply add riders to improve your policy coverage. These riders can be adaptable since you can choose risks that are more explicit to you and your family. Moreover, riders can be added to all kinds of life insurance plan, including term insurance plan, ULIPs, endowment policy, or even to a whole life insurance plan. They can be added when you purchase the policy or at times later though if applicable.

There are a few advantages connected to riders since they undoubtedly increase the inclusion of your life insurance plan while offering you the upside of affordability and tax breaks. Further, they likewise give your family extra financial assistance during extremely challenging times. If you want to know more about riders available and your life insurance plan, visit today or speak to their financial experts.

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