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Term life Insurance

Here are the most common mistakes that people often make while buying term insurance

“If you are looking for a pure protection plan to secure your family financially, then Term Insurance is a viable option.”

Term Plan offers life coverage in terms of financial assistance to the family in case of the untimely death of the policyholder. For this reason, it makes its place to several people’s financial portfolio. However, investing in the right term insurance policy is more critical than buying just term insurance.

Here are the most common mistakes that people often make while buying term insurance

While making the buying decision, applicants unknowingly make some common mistakes which prevent them from enjoying the utmost benefits of the term insurance policy.

Here we have listed those common mistakes and how you can fix them efficiently so that you don’t think twice while planning for term insurance.

  1. Saving on the coverage: When purchasing a term life insurance plan, numerous policyholders opt for low insurance coverage to save some money. This is one of the most common mistakes that people usually make when they decide to buy term insurance. They don’t measure their family’s financial requirements or expected inflation or future budgetary goals. This results in selecting a lesser sum assured amount that might prove to be insufficient in addressing the needs of the family. Therefore, you should opt for such insurance coverage that does not only helps your family member to meet their daily expenses but also fulfils their money-related goals. Experts suggest that the sum assured amount should be 10-15 times of your annual income. So, think carefully before you select the coverage amount.
  2. Postponing buying term insurance: At a young age, people have the perception that nothing will happen to them, and they do not require any protection. But that is a huge misconception amongst youth. And because of this reason they usually tend to delay investing in term life insurance. Looking at the current scenario of COVID-19, anything can happen anytime. And thus, delaying the same is not a viable option. A term life insurance should be purchased as early as possible so that you are insured, and your family’s future also gets secured financially. Also, if you buy term insurance at an early age, you get to enjoy the benefit of low premiums and high coverage.
  3. Purchasing a term plan without comparing: Another common mistake is buying term insurance without thinking. This prevents you from opting the right insurance coverage amount. There are plenty of insurers in the market offering various kind of term insurance policies. To choose the ideal one for yourself, you should always compare and then buy a term insurance policy. Thanks to the internet, which has made policy comparison easy. Therefore, make sure that you look into various term plan, analyse their offering, compare quotes and then buy the most suitable insurance policy.
  4. Opting limited policy term: If you go for a limited period tenure, then it can reduce the probability of claims while making the insurance policy not effective in fulfilling your needs. Hence, you should always choose the maximum policy coverage. Nowadays, insurers offer policy tenure extending up to even 99 or 100 years of age.
  5. Avoiding riders: Riders are extra inclusion benefits which, when added to the base strategy, increase the extent of the insurance coverage. Riders require an additional cost which is added to the premium of your base policy. However, regardless of its benefits, riders are often neglected at the hour of purchasing. For instance, riders like critical illness, accidental death benefit rider or premium waiver are quite significant and thus, should not be missed. As the critical illness rider offers a lump-sum amount if you get diagnosed with any severe ailments or the accidental death benefit rider pays an extra benefit in case of accidental death or disability. This add-on benefit amount gives you or potentially your family an extra money related advantage in times of crises while helping you to save your hard-earned money from draining out. Therefore, while buying term insurance, make sure you evaluate your insurance coverage amount and decide on the necessary riders to make your term plan more comprehensive.

Along these lines, do remember the mistakes mentioned above and avoid committing the same while buying term insurance. If you follow the preventive measures that are mentioned above, then you would have the option to buy the best term insurance policy. You can visit to explore various term insurance plans, compare quotes and make a sound decision by opting for ideal insurance coverage.


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