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Term life Insurance

Don’t let a form stop you from getting freedom

Never has there been a more interesting time to exist. As humans, we’re at the pinnacle of our external achievements. We’ve made the world a smaller place!

Don’t let a form stop you from getting freedom 1

How have we reached here?

What has made us this?

Several factors can be pointed to but one that stands head and shoulders above the rest that is – digital technology. It encompasses almost everything that we know. There is not an area of our life that is not impacted by it. It has been an enabler for changing human movement, social connections and day to day existence. In today’s landscape, no product is made without bringing an element of digital technology to it.

We’ve evolved from cave paintings to oil painting to photography to mobile photography. And the best part is that we are not sure what the next step in this evolution is going to be. Of course, we can agree that everything on the internet and the digital world need not be of great value, there is no denying that the democratization of everything exists!

You can be an artist, musician, videographer, chef, fitness or whatever that someone does. Everyone has used the power of digital and especially the internet to share their work without barriers. The internet has levelled the playing field for almost every major aspect of our well-being.

Remember when there was a time you had to stand in a long line to pay your electricity bills?

While most of us are fondly nostalgic of our childhood and the lack of internet which made life wholesome (which still is a valid point) but somehow no one fondly reminisces on standing for long hours in a queue to pay their electricity bills, telephone bills and so many more things!

Paying bills was still a walk in the park compared to applying for things. It was a mission to even do the things we take for granted now. To apply to a college meant waiting in line, hoping to not miss out on forms. Filling it, paying it one counter then heading to another counter for submitting the various copies. This is even more so bureaucratic when it comes to government offices (there are fables of many entering in their youth and coming out aged in a matter of short time!).

“Now let’s look at something that is of primary importance in our lives – Insurance. To avail what we wanted meant going to the insurance company within the stipulated working hours, finding someone to help you with the application process and then waiting patiently for confirmation.”

Sounds so simple yet filled with unknown hassles. How do I fill this part? I have a doubt which means I have jostle and wrestle against those gathered to get my point across.

Now here we come back to ease of the internet. Insurance is available online with the flexibility of time and the convenience of your couch at home. No more standing in line and thinking about different ways to kill the annoying uncle talking loudly on the phone in front of you or the jibber-jabbering ladies talking about the pointless plot of a soap drama.

This is the reason why we think of going online, to avoid unnecessary hassles and stresses. Yes, the sceptic could say that it makes us lazier but in a country that has so many people, there is nothing wrong with using technology to our advantage.

This is the advantage BimaKaro gives you. The hassle-free, convenient and easy way to get Term insurance. Head over to the website, fill in the necessary details, get quotes on various term plan as per your eligibility, compare them and Pick the one that suits you best and voila! Your policy is ready. By simplifying the process of insurance, BimaKaro has helped removed these old barriers that existed. The best part is you could do this for other members of the family, friends and more! Think of how helpful it is to do all of these things at the flick of a button.

To get all the benefits of Term Insurance while being offered the most competitive prices (all in the convenience of your suitable time and place) is a blessing of technology. If there are difficulties/queries/questions, BimaKaro has a customer service number that can take care of these needs.

So, give yourself a stress-free life. Secure your financial future and those of your loved ones. Log on to today and experience the freedom of e-insurance today! Don’t stop your life now, BimaKaro Ke Saath Aage Badho.

Check out our newest TVC that give a cheeky take on the pains of never-ending form filling sage:

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