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Secure your family’s future with term life insurance at low premiums. Enjoy double benefit of tax saving and protection against critical illness and disability.

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Term life Insurance

All you need to know about how Term Life Insurance works

“No one likes to think about life’s worst-case scenarios. But that doesn’t mean, it isn’t an essential part of your financial planning.”

You need to ensure that you are well prepared to face such situations. Generally, life insurance is put into place to ensure, if something happens to you, your loved ones are secured financially to support themselves after that.

And here term insurance policy plays a crucial role. Because of the high life cover at affordable premiums, term insurance policies are quite a popular insurance product. It ensures that your loved ones get the finances required for them to continue their lifestyle without undue hassles in your absence.

All you need to know about how Term Life Insurance works 1

Things to know about the working of Term Life Insurance

For many first-time buyers, the best term life insurance plan is the one, where your insurer promises to pay your beneficiaries a set amount of money in case of any mishap during the term of the policy. In exchange for the same, you are required to pay a premium for the determined tenure of your policy.

However, there’s a lot more to it. Here are some critical points about term plans that you need to keep in mind:

  • The math behind calculating the rates for life insurance is all about your life expectancy. That is why even the most affordable term life insurance will cost more as you get older.
  • If you survive the entire term of your term insurance, the insurance will end, and you will be required to buy a new policy to continue with life coverage. However, the premium that you will be required to pay for the new policy might be much higher. Since at that time, you will be older, and your health conditions will be taken into consideration while deciding the rates. This is why you must choose the right term for coverage when you buy the insurance policy during your younger years.
  • If the coverage of your term insurance is insufficient, you would need to purchase an additional policy to supplement the same.
  • Investing in a premium-back rider will ensure that you at least get back the money that you paid as premium in case you survive the policy term.
  • When you choose the right term insurance online, remember that it is a policy that will span over decades. So, make sure you choose a premium amount that you can afford throughout the term. If the policy lapses because of non-payment, you will have to pay a higher cost for getting a new one.

The Coverage provided by Term Life Insurance

You choose a ‘sum assured’ amount at the beginning when you buy a policy. This amount does not have an assigned usage, and typically these funds can be used as desired by the nominee of the policy such as paying off any remaining debts or loans or replace the lost income. It is totally up to the beneficiaries how they want to use the money. You can, however, decide whether you want the benefits to be paid out as a lump-sum amount, in regular instalments, or partially.

Choosing the Best Affordable Term Life Insurance

Figuring out the right tenure for your term insurance policy requires you to review your financial needs, debts, the needs of your dependents, and so on. It is a good idea to keep reviewing your needs for a life insurance policy carefully, not only when you buy the policy but also when you experience a significant life change. Here are some of the things that you can keep in mind:

  • Review Your Circumstances: Think about your needs every year. If you already have a policy, go through it yearly to ensure that it still offers the required coverage.
  • Look Around: The quotes you get for life insurance will vary with different insurance providers. Make sure you look around and compare before choosing one.
  • Read the Fine Print Carefully: An insurance policy is nothing but a legal document. Make sure you read it thoroughly before signing the dotted line.
  • Be Truthful: Answer all the questions in the application truthfully and accurately. If you choose to do otherwise, not only will there be chances of your claim being rejected, but you will also be committing insurance fraud; it is best to refrain from such practices.

On the whole, buying an affordable term life insurance plan is one of the best ways to ensure the financial safety of your loved ones in case of any eventuality. It allows you to live to the fullest without worrying about the uncertainties that tomorrow might bring along. Visit to get the best options for term life insurances from the top insurance providers.

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