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Health Insurance

Why should people with cholesterol think of buying a health insurance policy?

The prevalence of heart-related diseases has been on the rise, and the primary cause has been high cholesterol. According to recent studies, 25- 30 percent of the urban population suffers from high cholesterol, while 15- 20 percent of the rural masses have been found to be having high cholesterol.

Why should people with cholesterol think of buying a health insurance policy?

What exactly is having high cholesterol levels in medical terms? Medically known as hypercholesterolemia, is a condition where the cholesterol levels in the body increase to a damaging level. LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) is a category of cholesterol found in the blood, creating a plaque that builds up around the blood vessels’ walls, brain, arms, and legs. This is, in turn, reduces the supply of oxygen to the heart, causing heart problems. In all its urgency, preventive measures become a must, and so does a proactive step of investing in a Health Insurance Policy for high cholesterol.

The Health Insurance Policy covers the risks in a much-secured way of dealing with every detail subtly. Many factors are taken into consideration like the person’s age, how often is medical aid required, whether the person is on medication or not, current blood levels and one’s nature and level of physical activity. The premium rates depend on whether or not you have high cholesterol levels. So, it is your present status of being in medical condition that decides a part of this policy’s terms and conditions.

As it is one of the most commonly occurring diseases, there is a general awareness that needs to be spread around people that should help them take all preventive and remedial measures. In addition to the measures mentioned above, the Health Insurance Policy acts as an all-encompassing idea of a secured future. It offers many advantages to building a sense of security for people suffering from this problem and for their family members.

The significant advantages of the Health Insurance Policy will be:

  1. Adequate coverage against expenses of hospitalisation: Like all other policies, even this high cholesterol Health Insurance Policy will cover expenses incurred during hospitalisation. In a capitalistic world of today where the dictums of money rule everything, this health policy comes as a handy option where you do not have to be worried about the availability of funds but only on the speedy recovery of the patient. It covers all kinds of costs, like the doctor’s fees, nursing charges, disposables, bed charges, room rent, etc. Also, there is no compulsion imposed by the hospital’s policy that you are getting your treatment from. It is ultimately your choice.
  2. Coverage of medical tests and medicinal costs: Many miscellaneous charges are levied on patients in the form of medical tests and medicines. Doctors often suggest people undergo a complete cholesterol test which is called lipid profile or lipid panel. These tests help in measuring the triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood and can be very expensive. Even the medicines that might have to be taken for a long time and regularly could be quite costly. Even these charges are covered under the terms and conditions of the policy.
  1. Coverage of consultation fees: It is no hidden fact that regularity and consistency are mandatory once you are undergoing any treatment. So, there will be regular follow-ups that will be important to take care of. These follow-ups’ costs can be very high and covered in the policy because it is not a one-time commitment that is being offered but one that is there to stay for a lifetime. The mere thought of such security reduces half the worry; imagine placing it in real in your life and then eventually reaping the benefits of it.
  1. It also offers tax deductions: Like any other policy, this policy offers tax benefits under Section 800 of the Income Tax Act, 1961. If you are below 60 years of age, you may claim up to Rs 25,000 and reduce your paying liability.

It is always challenging to find ourselves an element of certainty in the constant ebb and flow of life. Mostly everything is subject to uncertainty, and it is imperative to guard against the uncertain moments of life, at least financially. It is this deep sense of security and surety that this policy offers. All the terms and conditions must be read thoroughly before signing it all together to understand better what all the policy entails in its entirety. It is a general thought that such policies help cover financial aids only, but it also provides a sense of relief to people in the already hustled lives we lead.

It is imperative to have awareness, knowledge and a thorough understanding of the history of cholesterol levels and also the mechanisms in which the policy functions. The terms and conditions are designed in such a way that they are people-friendly and easily understandable for them. Moreover, if anything is beyond comprehension in the terms and conditions, then there is an amicable mechanism to reach out available. Both pre-hospitalisation and post hospitalisation charges are taken care of.

With the lessened number of physical activities and more time spent behind the computer screens, our cholesterol levels are bound to rise, and the fact that health is wealth can never be refuted. So, you should opt for a health insurance policy at the earliest, such that you can reap all the financial and other benefits that it promises to provide after duly reading all the terms and conditions.

Head to online platform like and pick the most suited one as per your requirements. Health insurance policy is not just a privilege to be enjoyed but also a responsibility you take as responsible citizens and family member to safeguard your country’s health situation and your family life. The focus is on the quality of life that you will be leading, which means that you don’t only survive but live fully without tensions and worries. This is where this policy puts us in a safe cocoon.

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