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Health Insurance

What is the importance of health insurance in Covid-19 times?

The importance of health insurance can’t be ignored, and in this challenging time, its significance has considerably increased. Although we are amidst a health-conscious generation where being healthy is a part of the lifestyle, but that does not protect anyone from getting sick. Maintaining healthy wellbeing like jogging, cycling, going to the gym, doing yoga or meditation, being healthy mentally and physically seems to be the motto and also a fashion statement nowadays. But, when a situation like pandemic hits, it does not see whether an individual is healthy or not, he or she is rich or poor; such scenarios just grapples everyone under its effect.

What is the importance of health insurance in Covid-19 times? 1

And thus, along with being healthy, it has become necessary to be insured with health insurance so that your savings does not get drained out due to some sudden medical exigency.

Considering the outbreak of this pandemic, the expenses related to Covid 19 treatment and testing are taking a toll on the patients, especially who are uninsured or underinsured. Covid 19 has taught several things such as the importance of hygiene, significance of a healthy lifestyle, why one should always be prepared to face the worst time and last but not the least the necessity of health insurance. And due to these simple reasons, the importance of health insurance in Covid 19 times has garnered much attention.

Owing to all these uncertain situations, it has become essential to be equipped well in advance by getting insured with a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers medical expenses incurred for the treatment of such infectious disease or any other serious illness.

Presently, people are following all required measures like social distancing, self-quarantine to prevent themselves from this deadly virus. But all of these cannot assure them for health security. Due to sudden mishaps, people might face complications which could give them as well as to the people related to them a hard time. Hence, health insurance can relive them at least on the financial front.

So, during situations similar to current times, people wonder whether the hospitalisation cost due to Covid 19 would be covered under their health insurance policies or not. The answer to this concern is yes. All the new health insurance policies include coronavirus treatment cost after 30 days of the initial waiting period is over. The claims for such cases are treated as a normal case like any other disease and follow the normal process. Therefore, if one has not insured their family with health insurance policy, then they should understand the importance of health insurance in Covid 19 times and opt for one as early as possible.

According to several studies, in India, about 62 percent of people incur health care cost out of their pockets that is from their savings. Moreover, because of the rising medical costs, about 5 percent population are pushed to below the poverty line. And today’s time, there is a higher tendency to fall prey to various illnesses and infections, which makes it even more important to have healthy financial protection.

Despite the fact that an individual is healthy or not, the sudden emergency situation tends to affect an individual’s income, lifestyle. Thus, preventive measures like health insurance should be taken seriously. And here the health insurance providers play a crucial role by offering a complete healthcare policy and making quality treatment available for everyone. Health insurers provide a financial safety-net to protect one’s savings from draining out into medical expenses.

Healthy people usually think that they can’t fall sick; they just need to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, and everything else will be taken care off. However, the fact is keeping up a healthy lifestyle is good and very much required. Still, there are some unexpected circumstances like the ongoing flare-up of Coronavirus that can occur and will require hospitalisation, regardless of all the proactive endeavours taken to stay healthy and sound. 

Generally, nothing can invalidate the significance of having a comprehensive health insurance plan which offers overall financial protection to help clients in the midst of both sickness and wellbeing. They that the importance of health insurance in Covid 19 times have indeed increased but in any situation, one should invest in a health insurance policy. If you want to know further about health insurance policies, then visit and speak to their insurance experts.

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