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Health Insurance

Opt for a comprehensive health insurance plan for challenging times like this

Thanks to the pandemic, Health Insurance plans have gotten colossal consideration in recent times. Covid 19 has changed people’s perception about health insurance, and thus a decent medical coverage is on the top priority list for many in 2020.

Opt for a comprehensive health insurance plan for challenging times like this

Numerous individuals are presently purchasing, and a few people are already covered under some or the other kind of health insurance plans. Change in lifestyle or the changing preference has led to different ailments requiring treatment. In such a case, having exhaustive medical coverage helps incredibly in ensuring your investment funds and overseeing growing medical expenses.

Significance of extensive medical coverage 

A standard health insurance plan accessible in the market will ordinarily cover costs related to treatments; however, it might not necessarily cover various other expenses. Complete health insurance plans guarantee that the medical treatment isn’t undermined by covering hospitalisation expenses as well as other auxiliary costs such as the cost of an ambulance. Health insurance providers presently offer extensive individual and family floater plans with various additional items and coverages. For instance, a typical joint family in India incorporates senior citizens and school-going children. Whereas, a nuclear family will generally have a couple of children, which implies that the requirement for various health insurance plans will rely upon the prerequisites of the policyholder. In such circumstance, an exhaustive medical coverage becomes crucial so that you have a back-up plan for sudden medical exigencies and expenses.

Benefits of comprehensive health insurance plans

  • Covers pandemics like COVID-19 under the same health insurance plan. This is helpful as individuals don’t need to take a different insurance policy for sudden virus outbreak like COVID-19. Fortunately, even the IRDAI has made it compulsory to cover coronavirus hospitalisation cost in a standard medical cover.
  • Health insurance plans can be customised depending on the policyholder or his or her family preference relying upon the need. Different variables like medical history, health condition, age, gender, and so on impacts the policy sum assured and the premium.
  • In the hospital, different classes of rooms are charged with different rents as long it comes within the limit of the sum assured. Therefore, people can choose and pick hospital rooms as per their convenience and preference. If there is a restriction on room rent, then a proportionate amount is deducted from the hospital expenses other than the pharmacy. This makes a colossal effect on the settlement sum. Thus, no room rent capping policy is an excellent help to insureds.
  • Several health insurance planshave a co-payment clause where the policyholder needs to bear a part of the claim during the settlement. Nonetheless, numerous health insurance providers now offer a no co-payment or low co-payment clause so that the policyholder doesn’t have to pay anything from their pocket.
  • Comprehensive Health insurance plansnow also cover road ambulance charges and at-home treatment charges.
  • One of the primary advantages of health insurance policy is maternity advantage along with the new-born baby cover. This is a huge help for new parents who looks for a health insurance plan. The policy typically covers child-delivery charges, infertility expenses and new-born baby expenses, even vaccination costs for the first three months.
  • Nowadays, health insurance plansalso include expenses related to AYUSH treatment which and alternate treatments like Homeopathy, Unani, Siddha and Ayurveda.
  • A comprehensive health plan also includes OPD and daily hospitalisation costs which further helps the policyholder to manage extra expenses related to the treatment.

Overall, health insurance plans have become a necessity in the present time because of several factors like rising lifestyle disease and medical expenses. This year has been an exceptional year with COVID-19 and with no immunisation and scarcely any treatment accessible yet, it has gotten significantly become more challenging to hold up the medical costs because of the uncertainties involved. While the requirement for medical coverage is significant, it is encouraged to pick a comprehensive medical coverage for you and your family with the goal that you are covered enough to manage the expenses during a health-related crisis.

To know more about health insurance plansyou can visit or request a call back on their website.

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