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Health Insurance

A simple Guide to buy health insurance online

“Health is wealth” – It is not only an old proverb but carries a lot of meaning in the current times when the entire world is battling a pandemic of mammoth scale.

No matter how much wealth a person has, if his/her health is not in proper shape, all the wealth would only go in settling hospital bills. With easier ways being introduced to buy health insurance online, investing in a suitable plan will help you financially protect yourself during unexpected health-related issues.

A simple Guide to buy health insurance online

Health insurance is a type of insurance product that covers the whole or part of the insured person’s health-related medical expenses.


Being financially secure during critical illnesses helps in handling your physical and mental health better. It also aids in keeping the mind calm and be stress-free post the surgery or operation as it is necessary for quick healing.

In the insurance market, plenty of health insurance products are available for an individual. Nowadays you can even buy health insurance online just like ordering your favourite food or purchasing a dress. With so many insurance providers, it is quite challenging to choose the right insurance plan that’s appropriate for you, which is not only affordable but should also carry adequate coverage.

Gone are the days, when insurance sales agents used to visit customers, explain the policy and give them multiple agreements to sign. With the penetration of online technology and e-commerce, insurance providers have made it easy for a common man to buy health insurance online.

Health insurance plans can now be bought online in just a few clicks by comparing and researching the best policies. This method has taken the health insurance sector to the masses due to the accessibility and affordability offered through online platforms.


There are many other advantages to buy health insurance online, which are: 

  1. Transparency in the policy issuing process.
  2.  Easy to choose the best and instant health insurance plan with loads of options and choices.
  3. Understanding the latest and new health insurance policies that will include recent health-related diseases.
  4. The clarity in the terms and conditions of the insurance policy is brought in to make people understand.
  5. Premiums of online plans are low because of the avoidance of unnecessary commissions paid to third-party insurance agents.
  6. Flexible options to choose necessary riders and get a customised health insurance plan as per your premium paying capacity.
  7. Access to information on health insurance plans from other providers and independent expert’s opinion, consumer reviews and feedback.
  8. The traditional approach of visiting the insurance office, waiting in long queues and meeting multiple people is replaced with all details at the click of a button.
  9. The online premium calculator facility for those who opt to buy health insurance online helps understand the exact premium amount and tenure for the entire policy term.

As one gets so many advantages in opting to buy health insurance online, why wait?

Follow the below simple user-friendly guide to choose the best policy on BimaKaro :

  1. After your initial research and choosing the list of insurance providers, fill your details such as name, age, marital status, occupation, annual income, city, address, and several people you want to be covered under the policy. Click on the get quotation button to get a detailed list of the health insurance policies.
  2. Shortlist the right policies that match your budget, requirement and purpose. Compare them to find out which suits you better.
  3. Make sure to have all the necessary proofs in hand, so you are filling the correct details on their platform. Any mismatch in details will only create more delays and prolong the policy issuing time.
  4. Once you decide to buy the desired health insurance plan and have the proofs in hand, you can directly navigate to buy the policy online.
  5. Fill all the details correctly in the declaration form, and proceed to the payment page to make the first premium payment.
  6. A digitally signed copy of the health insurance policy is sent to your registered email address on successful completion of payment.

“As you may see, it just takes a few steps to buy health insurance online. With all the necessary documents in hand and entering the information accurately, the entire process can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes.”

Are the latest health insurance products available online?

Yes, health insurance providers’ websites and apps are regularly updated with the newest product offerings and can be trusted. And insurance aggregators like Bimakaro are also equipped with all-new offerings from the insurers. A classic example is the recent COVID 19 global pandemic outbreak which affected people globally with many hospitalisations and deaths.

But the insurance providers immediately jumped into action and started offering COVID 19 insurance policies that can be purchased online. This policy showed concerned individuals a way to take preventive measures against the virus. Making the COVID 19 health insurance available online reached the masses quickly. Moreover, the social distancing norms were also adhered to thus avoiding physical contact with insurance agents.

“A coronavirus health insurance plan is designed to cover hospitalisation expenses of the policyholder. When you choose to buy health insurance online, it is common to see that almost all the health insurance companies are now offering the coronavirus health insurance policies, in addition to the other comprehensive health insurance plans.”


This proves that the insurers are getting updated regularly to match up with the world’s latest happenings and catering to the needs of the clients. It creates a trust factor in people’s minds since they can offer relevant packages to consumers.

Health and wellness are the key to building a well-balanced and happy lifestyle. When money is lost, nothing is lost, but when health is lost, everything is lost. With all the necessary help available to preserve our health, it is a sin if we choose to disregard them. Hence one must make sure to buy health insurance online in advance and also focus on following healthy practices.

Buying health insurance online is, although simple, it can be a bit tricky at times. With ample options to choose from, it’s easy to get confused. So, visit BimaKaro, and our insurance advisors can help you understand the minor details and can help you get the best health insurance online.

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Buy health insurance online

No matter how much wealth a person has, if his/her health is not in proper shape, all the wealth would only go in settling hospital bills. With easier ways being introduced to buy health insurance online, investing in a suitable plan will help you financially protect yourself during unexpected health-related issues.


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